Monday, July 1, 2013

2013 American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set Woes

So it was bound to happen but my order ship date was delayed. 

Like many others, I am left wondering why our orders have been delayed. Orders have shipped for some. There is speculation right now on what it could be so let's run through them as I have time since my camera is still not working. 

1. The enhanced uncirculated is a lot harder to make then originally thought
 - I can't see how this is possible. I am assuming, as I don't work for the US Mint or have made a coin myself, but it looks to me as they would have tested the production process many times. Seeing as how people who received their set already say they look great, I can't agree to this thought.

2. The US Mint is out of silver
 - If I could sell 2 ounces of silver for $140 and make a good margin, I guarantee I will dig up some silver or melt every tea pot out there.

3. Dealers get preferential treatment
- This one seems like a good excuse to pin it on and honestly I don't know the answer. The reason why this is a hot topic is because of flippers and the anxious. The big grading companies have placed cutoff dates for first strike / early release designations. What this means is if you decided to buy a bunch of sets which are now are delayed, most likely you will miss out on those labels. The dealers seem to be ok and the delays are not affecting them. I think the whole idea of paying for a label is insane but that is just me.

Anyways. this is leading to the thought that there is preferential treatment. Maybe the dealers got bumped ahead due to the sheer volume of their orders. I really don't believe in something as sinister as that but I don't necessarily believe they had to wait in line like the rest of us. This is their livelihood. If there was a way to put their order in ahead of everyone else, I am guessing they did it. However, if there was no shortcut, I don't think they waited a week later to put in their order. I'm pretty sure they were on the phone or online the second the sets became available. 

4. Maybe I should have taken a day off from work to put my order in
- Yes this would have been a good idea.

5. Horrible planning by the Mint
- Honestly it was either really good planning or horrible. Looking at the last 2 years we can see that 150k was a more than acceptable amount to make ahead of time. Looking at the first 2 days of sales would have confirmed this. As a customer there should not be any delays factoring in both of these thoughts. 

From a business standpoint, making too many ahead of time would be a waste of money. People are really picky about their coins. With the US Mint's return policy, many sets can be sent back and that can create too many sets being made and returned. 

There really is no easy explanation for the delays. All there is a combination of things and a lot of people frustrated. All I know for sure is that 2 really nice coins are eventually going to find their way into my collection.

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