Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silver Bullet Bullion!

This is one of the coolest bullion pieces I have seen in awhile. Silver Bullet Bullion!  These silver bullion pieces are brought to you by the Northwest Territorial Mint. I personally have never bought anything from them but they are going to be my next buy. Well unless the US Mint announces the special Buffalo Gold Set this year. That is rumored to be $4000 but I really hope that is not the case because I'll have to do some financial maneuvering to get it. If I had to guess, that set will be the winner 10 years from now. Back to the bullets. I love the statement on the website.

"Silver Bullet Bullion is the most powerful ammunition against deficit spending, fiat currency, sovereign debt, quantitative easing, failed Federal Reserve policy, and rampant inflation ever minted by man!"

There are 3 different bullets to choose from. In the 1 ounce form we have the .45 ACP. You can get a pack of 10 in a special case. All these bullets have bulk pricing which makes this even more sweet. Here is the same link you would want to use. It gives you the option of bulk or small orders. I am just going to copy and past the descriptions as they would do a better job at it then me.

 "These solid-silver bullets are nearly identical to a real .45 cartridge. Weighing 1 Troy Oz, each, the .45 ACP version of Silver Bullet Bullion won't actually fire in a weapon, but will target your financial goals with devastating power. Pure investment-grade .999-fine silver, available in boxes of 10 or individually. Celebrates the cartridges designed by John Browning in 1904 for use in his Colt semi-automatic .45 pistol."

Next we have .50 BMG. "10 Troy Ounces of solid .999-fine silver that faithfully duplicates the famed .50 BMG round so well-known to military personnel and weapon enthusiasts. Ships individually in its own box for ease of storage or display. One of the largest mass-produced firearm rounds, it first saw service in World War I and is still used as a primary weapon in today's military. Just one of these rounds can score a bull's eye for your economic independence."

Finally we have the 20 MM. "Power your portfolio with realistic solid silver versions of these massive shells. Weighing 25 Troy Oz each and shipped individually in a box customized for simple storage or display, these are large enough to represent a significant investment and compact enough to be portable. The 25 Troy Oz Silver Bullet Bullion is a solid silver replica of the shell used in cannons. The 20mm cannon round is highly destructive and used in the Phalanx close-in weapons system, which serves as the last line of defense against cruise missiles, mortar, and artillery rounds."

There you have it. Silver bullion that you will have something to talk about. Breaks the monotony of a coin for sure. Definitely a nice gift for the gun enthusiast in your life.

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