Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Royal Canadian Mint Releases

I wasn't planning on making a post this morning but I woke up remembering today the new releases go on sale for the Royal Canadian Mint. This is nothing fancy as this is to get the word out and not a comprehensive list of what is on sale.

First off I bought of the last million of the pennies. These pennies are in a special wrapper with a holographic maple leaf. Limit 1 per household and sell for $9.95 CAD. I thought this was neat to buy.

 Next we have the Quetzalcoatlus Glow-in-the-dark coin. This is the second coin in the series. The first one sold out pretty quickly due to media coverage. I don't speculate on coins so I am not about to say if this will appreciate or not. Buy it if you like the design. This is on sale $29.95 CAD.

There is a limit of 3 per household. (Obviously this won't look like a rectangle. Only picture I could get.) I think this coin makes a good gift for the younger kids.

This next one is a half ounce coin which is part of the O Canada series. This is a 12 coin set celebrating the iconic images of Canada. This is the 2nd coin of the series. There is a mintage limit of 40000 and the cost is $39.95 CAD. My favorite animal is the beaver so I picked me up 1.

This was the last one I bought. It took me by surprise actually. (Again sorry for the bad looking photos.) I can't find out a darn thing about this series. This again is part of the O Canada series however it focuses on animals and there are only 5 coins. The 12 coin version shows all 12 designs. This one only shows this first one. Subscribing to the series includes a wooden case. The cost is $89.95 CAD. The next coins are Polar Bear, Caribou, Wolf and Orca. I bought the subscription as I like beavers and maybe the other designs will look good. If not, the subscription can be cancelled at any time. There is a mintage limit of 8500.

There is a gold version however it is 1/10 ounce. That is way too small for me to buy. Let me rephrase that. I am not rich. I just would like to look at my coins and see the majority of the detail without a loupe. You decide. There are many other coins to buy so check them out today before they sell out.

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