Saturday, January 26, 2013

WWE Current Thoughts

The dvd is signed. His sharpie was dying at the autograph session. You can see it on his wraps.

I want to start out with a video. Anyone who has watched wrestling knows this video but in case you haven't seen this, please watch this first. 

I would consider myself like many others a sophisticated wrestling fan at this point. What I mean by that is, I have an appreciation for the bad guy or heel. I see wrestling as an art and enjoy the promos just as much as the wrestling if not more. I don't blindly cheer for the good guy and hate the bad guy like a little kid. (Don't get me wrong. That's the reaction that the wrestlers want.)

Back to that video. CM Punk pretty much summed up the frustration that I still have with the WWE. A lot of the issues stem from the need to promote to kids. The PG rating is hurting the fan base. I'm just making a guess why they did this. I have no idea why it was ever changed. The only thing I can think of is the cigarette effect. The thought is get them hooked on wrestling when they're young and they become loyal fans for the rest of their lives. 

I have a few examples of why this is the wrong path. Back in the day, I think some people considered The Simpsons pretty edgy. South Park and Family Guy came along and took viewers away. Family Feud has been dull to me with Richard Karn and John O' Hurley as the host. Steve Harvey steps in and ratings go through the roof. Then we get to WWE and UFC. Where WWE is "fake", UFC is real. We can also say Attitude Era vs PG Era. 

What happened? I bet a lot of the higher ups are asking that in the WWE. Take a look at that stock price. 65% loss from 1999 to 2013. It use to be a swear word was a big no no on tv. It used to be that violence was frowned upon. It used to be that kids get disciplined. 

People have changed. Society is different. Have you seen cartoons lately? I think the funniest part of the newest WWE '13 game is the Attitude Era storyline. In this game you can relive the history of wrestlers during the Attitude Era and shown ratings charts of WWE vs WCW. Isn't it sad when a game that is made annually has to offer content from a decade ago. 

Here is my message to WWE. Get rid of the PG. Kids watch UFC. Find people that can talk on a mic. Writers should not be writing their promo. It needs to come from the heart of the guy. Divas need to learn to wrestle. Tag teams need to be emphasized more. Groups need to be utilized more. I'm not talking about Nexus either. I actually prefer the Spirit Squad over Nexus. That statement may have ruined my credibility but part of WWE is humor. Hardcore needs to return. Do you still see people with ECW shirts? There is a reason for that. (By the way, congrats Mick Foley and Bob Backlund on making Hall of Fame. I mean Mr. Backlund. Those were 2 of my favorites growing up.)

I still love the WWE. I would love to go to Wrestlemania one day. It is actually near me this year but way too expensive. I don't want to go just for the sake of going and hanging out in highest section. I did get to sit in the front row of a local WWE Smackdown tour at Hershey Park. It was pretty dang sweet. 

I don't have the pictures on this computer of the Hershey show so settle for some TNA pictures. This is in the Sands Casino in Bethlehem last year. Kurt Angle is still the man. I let my sister take the photos. Bad idea as she is super short and most of the pictures had extra bodies in them.

PS: I still find it funny that a big guy like Mark Henry or Big Show can flip from face to heel just by smiling or looking mad. If it works, it works!

I miss Cryme Tyme and Spirit Squad actually. Both were hilarious!

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