Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is Coming

Well I really don't pay attention to weathermen much but lately I have no choice. I'm one of those people that stick their head out the window and kind of just guess. All week there has been talk of this Hurricane Sandy. I saw the weather map and said to myself that didn't look good. Do you remember those pain commercials with the X-ray of a guy and red zones of pain. Well the map looked the same way. I saw green, yellow, orange, and red all in 1 minute worth of TV time.

 Thank you Weather Channel

 Just like any normal human being, I raced to the store to get me water, bread, and milk. Actually I didn't. I went to the PA Renaissance Faire yesterday. I went 2 weeks ago but my cousin got tickets he couldn't use so I went again. This was the closing weekend and knowing that Sandy was approaching I went yesterday. The actors all did a great job and used their best jokes knowing that today might be a shorter performance day. The closing ceremony was longer than usual as well. While I was there I got me a big ol' turkey leg. I was told by 3 kids playing Magic the Gathering that turkeys don't exist and the leg I was eating was fake. Admission to the Faire normally is $25. Funny how you pay to go watch shows all day and end up playing cards. Nerds! Anyways, the Faire is great and I recommend everyone go see it.

Mega64 on Magic

This morning I did buy some Quaker 25% Less Sugar Chewy Bars. I'm trying to eat a bit better than I have been in the past because you got to be fit during the apocalypse. I also got a 24 pack of water as well. I just now wondered what I am supposed to do in a hurricane. We don't really get too many of them that actually lands inland. Most just travel along the coastline of New Jersey. Being in Pennsylvania, for the most part, hurricanes are a non-event. Well I looked up what I need to do and here we go. I was going to list it out but that site is really helpful and I'm really lazy and watching the 10th inning of a tied game. Seriously though, please take all warnings seriously and be prepared. God willing we all come out of this hurricane safely. Take care everyone!

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